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Dr. Tan Kee Wee Premier Club is a private club formed for people who are interested in getting the latest views and advice from Dr. Tan Kee Wee on the economic issues facing Singapore, Asia, and the world.

Only members of Dr. Tan Kee Wee Premier Club will be able to enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

1. Quarterly Round Table Meetings with Dr. Tan Kee Wee (Free of Charge)
Topics to be covered:

• Economic Trends and Predictions
• Investment strategy discussions
• Venue: Online or offline
• Time: 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm on a weekday

2. Regular Special Premier Club E-newsletter from Dr. Tan Kee Wee
3. Invitation to Special Events organized by established financial institutes

​Annual Membership Fee: S$540.00

Introductory Offer: S$180 (For a limited time only.)